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Kulimela Australia: Live Webcast from the Bhajan Kutir!

The time for Kulimela Australia is finally here!

The latest report from Nitai Durr, one of the main organizers:

“The weather is perfect, no issues with floods, forecast is great and the schedule is JAM-PACKED with Entertainment, Activities, Sports, PRASADAM & KIRTAN!”

Festival Dates: Monday, January 3rd thru Sunday January 9th 2011.

If weather and internet connection permits, there will be daily LIVE webcasts from the Bhajan Kutir and evening entertainment throughout the course of the week long festival! CLICK HERE for a connection to the broadcast via Ustream.

Kirtan is scheduled to start 9 am and go to 7 pm, local time in Brisbane, Australia. This converts, for example, to 6 pm through 4 am EST USA. In London this will be 11 pm to 9 am. To convert the time difference to your location, CLICK HERE.

Stay tuned for more details and schedules.

Thanks to Sitapati prabhu and crew for working to make this happen.


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