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Festival of the Holy Name: Catch it Live! Day 1

Festival of the Holy Name

A message from Gaura Shakti, one of the organizers:

We have been doing kirtan for SIX nights…and we’re only getting started! The 24 hours of kirtan begins Friday at 9 AM (EST USA). Come early to hear the morning lecture on how to absorb yourself in chanting the Holy Name. Then, there will be an invocation ceremony before 9 AM. Bada Haridas Prabhu will begin the kirtan in the tent setup outside. Bring your friends, family, and, of course, yourself to immerse your soul in the vibration of the Maha-Mantra. Hare Krishna!

CLICK HERE to tune-in for the LIVE webcast.

Here’s the updated schedule:

FRIDAY, November 26th 2010:

8:30 AM – Invocation Ceremony

9:00 AM – Bada Haridas Dasa

10:00 AM – Acyutananda Dasa

10:30 AM – Gaura Sakti Dasa

11:00 AM – Bhakti-lata Dasi

11:30 AM – Anapayini Dasi

12:00 PM – Chakrini Dasi

1:00 PM – Sughosh Dasa

1:45 PM – Jagannath-kirtan Dasa

2:30 PM – Purusartha Dasa

3:00 PM – Madhava Dasa (Alachua)

3:30 PM – Sarvatma Dasa

4:30 PM – Karnamrita Dasi

5:15 PM – Chaytanya Nitai Dasi

6:00 PM – Radhika Dasi

7:00 PM – Madhava Dasa (Switzerland)

8:00 PM – The Mayapuris

SATURDAY, November 27th 2010:

9:00 AM – The Mayapuris

9:45 AM – Nagaraja Dasa

10:30 AM – Mahatma Dasa

11:00 AM – Lilananda Dasa

11:30 AM – Radhika-ramana Dasa

12:00 PM – Bhadra Dasa

12:30 PM – Ladies bhajan group (Rucira Dasi, Parijata Dasi, Vrindavanesvari Dasi, and others)

2:00 PM – Karnamrita Dasi

3:00 PM – Ananta Vrindavan Dasa

4:00 PM – Manu Dasa

5:00 PM – Chakrini Dasi

6:00 PM – Bada Haridas Dasa

7:00 PM – Madhava Dasa (Switzerland)


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