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Festival of the Holy Name: 24 Hours Is Not Enough!

Festival of the Holy Name: 24 hours of kirtan is not enough! Dedicated Kirtaniyas are coming from all over the world and we won’t have the capacity to feature them in only 24 hours. But don’t despair! We have other evenings of kirtan planned with kirtan leaders such as Bada Haridas, Madhava dasa, Chakrini devi, Karnamrita dasi, the Mayapuris, and many more…

Below are some scheduling details:

Saturday, Nov. 20th: Kartik celebration and Bhajans at Ragunath and Yamuna’s house (possible bonfire). 

Sunday, Nov. 21st: Last day of Kartik with Bhajans at the Alachua Temple.

Monday, Nov. 22nd: Bhajans at Nalinikantha and Ratnesvari’s house (Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir).

Tuesday, Nov. 23rd: Bhajans at Toshan Krishna’s and Govinda Syer’s properties, with a bonfire.

Wednesday, Nov. 24th: Gurukuli Bhajans at Govinda Romero’s house (previously the Girl’s Ashram).

Thursday, Nov. 25th: Bhajans at the Temple for Thanksgiving (possible, not confirmed).

Then of course the actual Festival of the Holy Name event with 24 hours of kirtan on Friday and Saturday, November 26th & 27th!

For night 2, please join the live Kirtan webcast starting at 4:15 pm and 6:00 pm EST on Sunday, November 21st, the last day of Kartik! There will be a live chat accompanying the webcast on


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