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Kuli Mela 2007 Moscow DVD is now available at!

Kuli Mela Moscow 2007 DVD Cover

The Kuli Mela 2007 Moscow DVD is now available at the newly launched Kuli Mela Outlet @!

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In the ancient Sanskrit language, Kuli refers to a member of a community. Mela is a festive gathering. Combined, Kuli Mela transforms into a celebration of community.

The second-generation Hare Krishnas (known informally as Gurukulis, or just Kulis) from throughout Russia gathered to explore who they are and what they can accomplish. Despite difficult conditions for a festival, including no running water and no electricity, the Gurukulis worked together to celebrate and connect. This short film offers a glimpse into the events of the festival and the hard work it took to pull it off.


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