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Kuli Mela 2010 – New Mayapur, France

The Organizing Team for Kuli Mela 2010 – New Mayapur France is happy to officially announce the dates and place for this second European reunion, after the first successful gathering which took place in Radhadesh, Belgium in 2008.

This Kuli Mela will start on Wednesday, the 4th of August, arrival day, through Monday, the 9th of August 2010, departure day. The event shall take place in the special surroundings of New Mayapur, France, a community set around a historic castle on a site spreading over 80 hectares. In this place that Srila Prabhupada destined to self sufficiency and simple living, it seemed obvious to choose these values as symbols. Which is why the theme of the event will be: Ecology!

This gathering invites a great number of Gurukulis and Vaishnavas of all generations to a 6 day festival where seminars, workshops and conferences will be held to encourage encounters and reunions as well as discover the links that bring us together and share our experiences in an atmosphere of inspiration…

An “Open House” day in the spirit of the festival “L’Inde dans l’Indre” will be held on Sunday 8th August for neighbouring people to discover our movement in positive and summery circumstances in which they will attend the shows, walk around the “mini market,” and listen to bhajans and kirtans in the temple.

The achievement of this special event requires subsequent funds for the rental of the circus and other canvas tents for the shows and activities, shower and “dry toilet” settings to receive participants on the campsite arranged for the occasion, the rental of a sound system, as well as, of course, cooking up memorable feasts for all!

So we are appealing to your generosity to help the successful outcome of this project, by asking for a financial participation of your own choice. We thank you in advance.

Jai Shree Radhe!

The Organizing Team for Kulimela 2010 – New Mayapur France

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