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KulimeLA 2009 Pre-Registration Info


What: KulimeLA 2009

Where: Los Angeles, CA USA

When: Wednesday July 29th – Sunday Aug 2nd, 2009

Why: Honor the Past • Celebrate the Present • Envision the Future


Pre-register TODAY for $20 savings at KulimeLA 2009.

Registration fees (Covers all events and Prasadam meals)

$75 onsite, $55 now thru July 1st.

$45 onsite for Youth 13-18 years of age (July 29th)

$40 pre-registration for Youth 13-18 years of age (thru – July 22nd cutoff date)

Free for all children under the age of 12.

Please Register:

Credit & debit card payment accepted via Paypal, check or money order by mail, or by cash in person.


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