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Updates for the 2009 KulimeLA and the 20th Annual LA Gurukuli Reunion

A message from the 2009 KulimeLA Organizers:
We would like to update you on the progress we have made towards the 2009 KulimeLA Event.
Location: Los Angeles, California USA
Dates: Wednesday, July 29th through Sunday, August 2nd, 2009.


Wednesday we will begin to welcome guests, and volunteers.

Thursday will be a full day of seminars, sports, meetings, kirtans and entertainment.

Friday and Saturday will be similar to Thursday, but on a much grander scale, so don’t miss out!

Saturday night we have plans for a top quality play, although we are still looking for some sponsorship to ensure that it is of the highest quality.

Sunday we will participate in one of the best Ratha Yatras in the world: Los Angeles Ratha Yatra Website

We have confirmed some locations to use for this event, for instance the Masonic Lodge near the Temple, as well as a number of outdoor parks and we are working on securing a fantastic theater space for Friday night. For more on the schedule as it is updated (it is brief at the moment), please visit: 2009 KulimeLA Schedule


Due to the nature of LA, we do not have a central guest house facility, but this has never stopped the large gatherings of the past.

We are encouraging people to contact their friends, share hotel rooms, share house rentals, find that floor space, and just make the effort to come to this special 20th Reunion.

We have posted information on nearby hotels, the address of the LA temple, and local maps.

This and more information can be found at: KulimeLA Accommodation Suggestions

Pre-Registration and Event Fee

Please keep in mind that the event does have a registration fee, and that pre-registration provides you with a great discount. To pay now and lock in the price of the event, please go to: KulmeLA Pre-registration Info where we have set up a Paypal link.


Of course, there are many things to discuss, there will be more information on Workshops, Volunteering, and Entertainment, and all of that can be found at the official Kulimela Website. Click on the link to the KulimeLA event.

For other forms of pre-registration, or for group bookings, please contact us: kma.account at gmail dot com.

We have incorporated Kuli Mela Association, filed our application for 501(c)(3) status with the IRS and expect approval soon. That means donations will be tax deductable and we now have a strong vehicle for organizing more Kuli Mela and Global Kirtan events in the future. More on that as things progress.

We look forward to hearing from you, sharing with you and serving with you as we experience yet another tremendous event.

Jaya Jaganatha!

KulimeLA Organizers

PS: There are many ways to keep up to date, most of them are listed below.


Official Kulimela Website

Kulimela Blogsite

LA Gurukuli Reunion Website

Kulimela Facebook event page

Gurukuli 20th Anniversary Group Facebook Page

KMA Association Facebook Page

Kulimela MySpace Page

Kulimela Twitter Page

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