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2008 Los Angeles Gurukuli Reunion



Below is a review written by Kamal Vyas (above, left) about the 2008 Los Angeles Gurukuli Reunion, held on August 1st & 2nd, 2008. 


The highlight from Friday was the morning program. Kuva lead mangala arotik and Sumukhi lead Tulasi prayers. Guru puja kirtan was sung by Madi and Gauravani. Kalindi sung the Jagannathastakam prayers. The morning lecture was given by Krishna Devata. The evening drama was performed by the Bus tour. The entire mood was set by the gathering of friends and it was a great start to the weekend.

On Saturday, everyone gathered at Culver Park by about noon. There was alot of mingling, and booths were set-up for water and sale of T-shirts and Rukmini’s dolls. There were signs with the schedule and reminders about Kulimela 2009, with links to the pertinent websites. Shakuntala’s Jagannatha Dieties were present and the bhajan kutir was alive. There was an art booth for the children. Basketball, volleyball, and wrestling took place, but no soccer or football games. Prasadam was delivered by 2:00 PM and approximately 250 plates were served. Enchiladas was the main item, with beans/tofu, rice, tortilla chips with a spicy salsa, and a mango lassi. The group photo was taken at 4:00 PM. Harinam took place at 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica this year.
The ISKCON Youth Bus Tour and Festival of India crews were instrumental in setting-up for Rathayatra. The Festival of the Chariots on Sunday was exciting with markee kirtans at Subhadra’s cart lead by Acyuta-Gopi, Madi, and Gauravani. As Kindred Spirits performed on the main stage and the festival ended in grand fashion with the Gurukuli kirtan before sunset.
Observational Statistics:

Approximately 250 attendants – majority in their 20’s and some teens – Bus tour group and local children included.

Some “Pioneer” Gurukulis made an appearance, though it was an expectedly low number.

Feedback on organization and prasadam were positive for the Saturday gathering at the park.

Suggestions from participants included having more actitivies for children, and expanding all activities to accommodate the large number of people expected for KulimeLA 2009.
A photo gallery of the LA Reunion 2008 and Rathayatra are available on my Facebook page:

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