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Brijabasi Spirit Revived!

Brijabasi Spirit Vol 6 issue 2    Brijabasi Spirit Magazine Cover 1982

“A brijabasi is a resident of Vrindavan, and it was appropriate that the magazine of New Vrindaban was entitled Brijabasi Spirit. The Brijabasi Spirit first emerged in the early 70’s as a mimeographed 10-12 page newsletter which was stapled together. By 1977 it had become a 20 – 30 page magazine which included black & white photos. The issues catered to the community residents and copies were also sent to North American temples. In 1980 to 1982 the magazine added a color cover, and by 1983 it had evolved into a glossy magazine with a sophisticated layout and colored photos throughout. The articles catered to Hindu and Western visitors, highlighting the community’s planned expansion and various projects. By the late 1980′ s the magazine had returned to a simpler format. In the 1990’s it appeared sporadically until its demise in 1995. By the late 90’s the community produced a one or two page newsletter.”

This is a link to a newly revised online version of the Brijabasi Spirit magazine.  This latest incarnation comes to us through the determination of Madhava Gosh prabhu and a few others.  I am very interested in seeing how this develops.

Madhava Gosh appropriately calls his blogsite “View From a New Vrindaban Ridge.” The black and white photo from the cover of the Brijabasi Spirit magazine is of Bahulaban in the winter of 1979 (left picture, above).  At the time of the photo Bahulaban was the center of the New Vrindaban community (I moved to NV approximately 1 year after that photo was taken).  If you look closely at the upper left hand corner of the picture, through the tree line, you can see the house where Madhava Gosh currently resides and blogs.

The second photo (on the right, above) is a picture of New Vrindaban Brijabasis gathered at Srila Prabhupada’s Palace in 1982.  The resolution of the photo is not that good, so it may be a bit difficult to properly identify people in it.  Amongst others, you’ll find Sankara dasi (my mother, wearing a brown sari, fourth woman from the left, lower row) and myself (teenager wearing a red shirt, fourth from the left, standing in front of Manihara, upper row.)


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