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What’s in a Name?

Kuli drink

Hey look! We’ve got our own drink….

Just Kidding…. This is a brief history of the different titles used throughout the years by the people who attended ISKCON gurukulas. 

“Gurukula Veterans” was a term coined by Raghunatha anudasa in the late 80’s.  At various times he also used the term “Gurukula Survivor.” People objected to these for various reasons, mostly to do with them focusing on – and reminding us – about the negative experiences we went through. 

“Gurukula Alumni” was first used around 1990.  This was the term adopted for use during the “As It Is” days.  People pointed out that technically most never really graduated from gurukula so by using “Gurukula Alumni” we were giving the ISKCON gurukula system more credit than was due. 

So, around ’93 we simplified the name to “Gurukuli” which loosely means “One who attended gurukula.”  That’s the term that has stuck for more than a decade.  Though, more recently it has morphed to “Kuli,” which refers to anyone who grew up in ISKCON. 


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