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New Vrindaban – A Brief History & Sacred Voices

Sankirtan Prabhu    Sankirtan perfoming at Kulimela Kids Camp

“Welcome to the “New Vrindavan History” site. Before you start exploring this intriguing story and the accompanying images, a few words about the background of this site.

I am the producer of the site, securing a grant from the Faculty Development Committee of Hanover College to underwrite costs of development and overseeing the conceptualization and production of the site. As professor and char of philosophy at Hanover I am not the most likely person to initiate a documentary history of a Hare Krishna community, so let me briefly explain what lead to this project.”

This is a link to a website that outlines the history of the New Vrindaban Community.  The site is a collaboration between Dr. Robert J. Rosenthal, a professer at Hanover College and Sankirtana prabhu, a long time resident of New Vrindaban and story teller extraordinaire.  It gives an overview of the history of the New Vrindaban Community from 1968 through 2002.  It’s got some good information and many nice photos as well.  Definitely worth a look.

Kulimela Kid’s Camp Entertainment: Sacred Voices 

Sankirtan prabhu also has a personal website, Sacred Voices, where he shares details of his lifelong career as a story teller.  In the early 1980’s my younger brother, Sesa, regularly performed with Sankirtan in the Nandulal play.  More recently Sankirtan was kind enough to donate his time and energy by entertaining the next generation of devotees at the Kulimela Kid’s Camp. The photo above, right is of him entertaining the children at Kulimela.


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