Seeking The Essence

Clearing Life's Webs and Weeds….

Something To Remember:


I wrote the following paragraph as the conclusion to a longer article about the 3rd annual Gurukula Reunion in Los Angeles, CA.  This was published in the first issue of the “As It Is” magazine January, 1993. In retrospect, I may have been a bit overly optimistic in regards to the the time line for recovery on the part of the gurukulis and discovery on the part of the older generation.  I know from personal experience that it has taken me much more time and effort to deal with some of the more difficult issues than I initially thought it would.  And realistically, many of these challenges will be with me for the rest of my life.  Still, I stand behind the principles I briefly described.  A side note: at that time I was signing my correspondence “Keeping the Faith.” Eventually I felt that “Seeking the Essence” was more appropriate.

Something to Remember: 

Many of us [gurukulis] have already passed through the hardest parts of forgiving (but not forgetting) the past and have begun the healing process – both individually and collectively. Unfortunately, much of the first generation has not.  Only lately have the majority of them truly begun to come to terms with the reality of the past and their pain and guilt is quite literally tearing them apart.  Now is a good time to remember how we felt and find for them the compassion (karuna) and understanding (samajna) we so badly wanted at that stage.  In this way we can show that what we learned in Bhakti Shastri class went well beyond the mindless mimicry of a few select verses.

Keeping the Faith (alive and kicking!),



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